Frequently Asked Questions

What is codatlas & Who are we?

Codatlas is a platform for developers to discover, understand and collaborate on source code more efficiently. Codatlas understands your code just like you IDE does, and you have instant access to hundreds of popular open source projects without the any setup (or 2G of memory consumption). Codatlas is created by a team of developers just like you, who work with open source projects like Apache projects, Android and Scala on a daily basis and believe there should be a more enjoyable way to search and browse code.

What languages do we support?

Currently we support JVM languages like Java and Scala, as well as scripting languages like Javascript, Python and Ruby. We are prioritizing to add more languages depending on user feedbacks. Want us to add your favorite language? Write to us now!

What does "Can't retrieve information for symbol:" warning mean?

It means that we cannot find the definition of the symbol in our database. Most likely 's because the repository where the symbol is defined has not been indexed by Codatlas yet. But worries not, you can either submit the repo yourself if you know a git address, or you can contact us and we will add the repo per your request.

What does "This revision may not be fully indexed" warning mean?

This means the revision you are currently viewing is not fully built by our backend analyzer, rather all the symbols are inferred based on the closest revision that has been analyzed and the diff between the two revisions. You may occasionally see some symbols to be non-clickable, but the impact should be very minor.

What does "Fail to retrieve the requested project" warning mean?

This means we can not find the requested project information. This is mostly likely due to that the project specified in the url has not been indexed yet. Consider submit the repo here.

What does "Incorrect revision string" warning mean?

This means while we are able to identify the project, we can not resolve the revision string in the url to a correct commit. Please make sure a correct revision string is supplied.

What if the repo I want to see is not indexed?

You can either directly go to our repo submit page to submit the repo yourself if you are logged in and already have a git url, or you can write feedback to us about the repo you are interested in so we can help you find it. Either way we will email you as soon as the repo you requested is fully indexed.

How can I see previous revision?

As of now you can see all major revisions (branches and tags) of the repo by click on the tag selector on project page, we are rolling out support for every revisions (yes, that is every commit of the repo) in the near future.